Expect your palate to explode with the unique flavors indigenous to family and home cooking. Chef Thai is blowing the roof off of Vietnamese cuisine like never before! Think salty, sour, sweet, and spicy notes that compliment fresh, robust flavors and ingredients in each dish. The Vietnamese are texture-aholics and have truly mastered the balance between sweet and salty, crunchy and contrast, hot vs cold in every bite.  

A typical meal consists of many dishes ranging in flavor and texture, but the best part about this shared or family style of eating is experiencing how each bite excites different parts of your tongue and heart. Our range in flavors run deep and I promise, it will make your taste buds scream for MORE!

Thai is classically trained in French cuisine with a refined approach to culinary technique while mastering styles based on the respects of Vietnamese traditions, ingredients, and flavors. While his style and technique can't really be put into a box, Thai's approach to cuisine is shaped by standards shown by his role models but reinvented to showcase a craft of his own.


Chef Thai Dang fools around with a sharp knife.